Will The Knicks Make The Playoffs?

Get Your Knicks Tix at the Garden

You will never get cheap NY Knicks tickets if you wait for the tickets online. You can get them when the game is nearing tip off, as there are a lot of people willing to sell their tickets if they think the tickets they purchased are not worth it anymore. When the Knicks are facing a bad team like the Milwaukee Bucks or the Philadelphia 76ers who have lost 15 games in a row, you can find some great bargains on tickets, because many fans aren’t interested in these games. On the other hand, tickets are more expensive and harder to come by if the Knicks are at home facing a good team like the Miami Heat led by MVP candidate LeBron James, or the Oklahoma City Thunder led by league leading scorer Kevin Durant. Ideally, it would be great to be seated near the players bench so you can hear what coach Mike Brown is telling his players. The Knicks have struggled to perform up to expectations this year, but that does not mean Coach Brown is in danger of losing his job because he is a good coach.

The possibility of getting cheap NY Knicks tickets won’t be as difficult as it used to be, since the Knicks have a losing record right now. In fact, if the playoffs started right now, the Knicks would not make the cut. That is not good news at all to superstar Carmelo Anthony who plans to test the market this summer. The Knicks thought they had a winning team when they locked up a front court trio of Amare Stoudemire, Tyson Chandler and Carmelo Anthony for the long term. However, things did not really work out as planned, as the three haven’t performed well. There will certainly be a lot of finger pointing going on in this team as it is considered a big market team which means a lot of players want to play there.