Jackie Robinson and The Dodgers

Go To A Game In The City Of Angels

The Dodgers stadium in Los Angeles is undoubtedly one of the greatest places to see a professional game live. The stadium has been witness to many baseball legends such as Jackie Robinson, Roy Campenella, and Sandy Koufax. Once you’ve got your tickets, then you can worry about not getting lost in the venue and finding your seat. As soon as you’re seated comfortably, why not go all out, enjoy a Dodger dog and watch the magic happen.

We know that not everyone has the free time to line up at the Dodgers stadium to get tickets. This is why we want to tell you about other sources to get your Dodgers tickets that do not require any lines. The next time you need Dodger tickets, you’ll have better luck on the internet if you don’t want to wait in line. Besides Ticketmaster, there are a number of accredited websites that have authentic cheap Dodgers tickets for sale. You may find some good deals at these sources, as they sometimes sell their tickets for discounted rates that you can’t find on Ticketmaster. It all depends on how popular the tickets are for each game.

Once you’ve bought a ticket and are on your way to watching the Dodgers game, don’t get lost at the stadium. The Dodgers arena is a huge space, particularly if you are driving to the game, and you may be easily confused. If you’re not quite sure where the stadium is, be aware that Google Maps and other navigation programs will not necessarily direct you to the proper place to park your car. When you get to the stadium, you want to park your car as close to the stadium gate as possible, making sure to remember the parking number by putting it on your phone. Getting out of your parking space after a game is often difficult as huge numbers of people all try to leave at the same time, so it’s essential that you’re able to easily find your car. Get to the game as early as possible, because there is no transportation to and from the stadium. Depending where you park you may have to walk up to a mile to get to the stadium.